From the Ground Springs Youth

I’m looking to have my ROTG oc drawn. She’s the spirit of Youth and lives in the fountain of youth. I have some idea’s based off others works to help give you an idea of what I’m actually seeing in my head. lol.

I see these two basicly smashed together. The long hair should be fading shades of blue, like starts out as a light pale blue that you see in clear crystal waters that fades in to a almost translucent white. Her eyes would be a play shade of blue, bright like jacks but very pale. I’d also like her to have more of a figure like the second picture. I don’t care what pose or action she’s doing. she could be sitting/standing in water for what it’s worth, one thing I’d like to mention though, because she’s one with the fountain and can sink into it’s waters… she’s naked with only her hair covering her girly bits.

Is this at all possible for anyone? I would really appreciate it.